Wood Patio Covers – Improving Look And Function Of Your Patio

Wood Patio Covers…Unique Ideas!

In general, homeowners spend plenty of time and money on beautifying the inside of their homes. But besides some landscaping, the outside rarely gets as much attention. Take for instance, the patio, which is generally a very underutilized area.

A simple patio cover would allow you to get a lot more use out of this area. But if you want to do it right, in a way that will make it look beautiful and increase your home’s value, then you want to look into wood patio covers. I don’t think we need to tell you how good wood can look, but it can provide a lot of functional benefits also.

Advantage of Adding Patio Covers

Think about the advantages of adding a patio cover. It provides shade, which will allow you to enjoy the outdoors on even the hottest summer day. It provides protection from the elements. Think how enjoyable it would be to sit outside during a warm summer rain or a cool rainy evening. It even, as we mentioned, increases the value of your home.

Of course there are many options for patio covers, but we think wood patio covers are best for several reasons. Wood allows you to create something unique. And if treated properly it will hold up well against the elements which will constantly bombard it. And of course, wood just naturally looks beautiful.

Start your project by choosing a wood that will compliment your the look of your home. If you want to paint it, pinewood is a good choice because it keeps paint nicely. The problem with pinewood is that it is not available with an anti-rotting agent. Other hardwoods however do, including cedar, redwood and cyprus. If you want to stain the wood, get a long grained wood. This will give you a continuous design that will not be hindered by knots in the wood.

And don’t forget to get a little creative with this. Yes it’s more work, but you’ll definitely want to add designs and decorative accents. Your patio cover will look better, and it will add more value also. By decorative accents we mean thinks like arbors and lattice. These are intricate, ornate, and just look great. Combine them to give your patio a unique appearance.

When you begin your project, you may be tempted to buy into one of those pre-made patio kits. Know up front that most are made with artificial wood. They are not durable and in fact, in many cases, you’ll need to add real wood for support. Why not do it right and use real wood for the whole thing.

Some companies are even marketing wood patio kits for people who like to do things themselves. If you’ve ever seen a wood floor being placed down, then you’ll understand how these kits work. They are made from tiles that interlock. The advantage to this is that they are easy to take apart and clean, and they are even easy to move to another location if that’s in your future plans.

Just understand that a solid wood patio cover will make the best and most beautiful cover for your patio.

Eagle Patio Covers Help Your Needs

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