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Texas Patio Covers that deserve to adorn your patios

Patio covers are mainly for protection against the harsh heat of the sun and the UV rays that accompany it. Aside from the burning effect of the sun the UV rays can also cause skin cancer. Lately however patio covers have developed more uses than the protection that it bestows on people who love spending time in their patios and other outdoor structures for relaxation. Take for example the Texas Patio Covers by Eagles Patio Covers; they have become beauty enhancers of homes where they are prominently displayed.

Eagles Patios deserves to get the credit for revolutionizing the Texas Patio Covers by turning it into a decorative wonder aside from being highly functional.

You have several choices which patio covers materials you may find more suitable for your needs; how well it reacts to the house color and design and the outdoor conditions in general. We have aluminum, Aluma wood, wood, vinyl and several other choices at your disposal. We have them prominently displayed on our website for your easy shopping options. Just press the navigating buttons to whatever information you want to know and in a split second you will have the info on the screen in front of you.

There are several types and designs of patio covers that you can use as additional structure to your house. You may have to ask an inspector to go over your house if you want to build your Texas patio covers as a direct extension of your house. Your house eaves will have to support the weight of your Texas patio covers and you may need additional posts to give it more strength. We will work out all the papers for you and you won’t have to do anything that may disturb your daily routine. However if you want us to build it separate from the house structure, then we don’t have to ask any permission from the zoning office.

There are other considerations we take into account which we feel very important to maximize the usefulness of your Texas patio covers. It’s true that we want to protect you from the heat of the sun but early morning rays are healthy for your skin. We can adjust the roofing angle to let some of the early morning sunshine in.

Another consideration is the path of the breeze. Where does it blow the most? Harnessing the cool breeze for your own use will keep the patio perpetually aerated. You will feel fresh all the time. The wind direction will help a lot in making your patio the best place to stay in the house. We don’t ask additional fees. These features are part and parcel of every Texas patio covers we build for every home that we have the opportunity to serve and there are many of them.

If you’re looking for a comprehensive warranty we have it for you. All materials and craftsmanship for your Texas patio covers have a lifetime warranty.

Every job is a masterpiece and the results are living witnesses of our never ending pursuit of excellence. You can go around Texas and see them for yourself. Our portfolios are in actual display.


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