Upgrade Your Next Cookout

Upgrade Your Next CookoutCookouts, patio covers and Texas hospitality are made for each other. Whether you are hosting friends and neighbors for an impromptu barbeque or celebrating a special occasion such as a birthday or anniversary, your patio cover is the perfect place for gathering together with the people you love.

Many Texas homeowners will cookout at least once per week, sometimes even more frequently. So here are some tips for transforming your next Texas BBQ under your backyard patio cover from an everyday occurrence into an event to remember.

 Create a Playlist

Before your party begins, spend a few moments putting together the perfect soundtrack. Use your favorite streaming service to create a playlist you can blast from your Bluetooth speakers throughout your event.

Using the shuffle function will replay your favorite songs in a different order every time you cook out so you can keep it fresh.


As the host of the cookout, you need to mingle. So spending too much time over the grill will only take away from your hosting duties.

Precook any items that take too long to cook, such as ribs or chicken. Then simply throw them on a hot grill to reheat them briefly so you have more time for fun.

  Invite New People

If your backyard barbeques always include the same faces over and over again, mix things up by inviting new people. Blend friends from different areas of your life, such as your workplace, your church, or your extended family.

 Comfort and Security

Cooking under the sky is fun, but what happens if it rains? Or if it’s a hot Texas day?

Adding a patio cover from Eagle Patios to your backyard will provide shady comfort and protection from the elements so you can enjoy good times with your friends and neighbors all summer long.


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