Tips for Enjoying Your Patio Cover While Grilling Outdoors

Having a patio cover outside your home provides the perfect space for entertaining. A patio cover can convert a backyard or porch into an extension of your living room.

And if you add a grill to the mix, it can be an extension of your kitchen as well.

Provide a Fun Environment for Your Guests

Here, then, are some tips for enjoying your patio cover while grilling outdoors:

  • Don’t Put the Grill Directly Under the Patio Cover — All grills — whether they are gas, collection photo share email thumb3wood or charcoal burning — give off a great amount of heat. This heat usually goes straight up. So if you put your grill directly under your patio cover, the heat from your grill could cause it to become damaged. Instead, place your grill just outside the surface area of your patio cover.
  • Check the Wind Direction — Besides heat, another side effect of grilling is smoke. Pay attention to which way the wind is blowing, then place your grill so that the smoke will blow away from your guests. You don’t want to smoke them out before they can enjoy their barbecue!
  • Multi-Task — Grilling isn’t complicated, but it requires some of your attention. Make sure you aren’t ignoring your guests while you are grilling. Multi-task by chatting with your guests as you work. Before you start cooking, make sure everybody has a fresh beverage and check to make sure the snacks are full so you don’t have to stop grilling once you start.
  • Music Sets the Tone — People will be more social if there is some music playing in the background. Choose your favorite CD or download mix, or play a non-intrusive radio station with minimal talking between songs. Don’t play the music so loud that it interferes with the conversation. At a backyard barbecue, the music should be like wallpaper: Always there, yet never in the way.

Use these helpful tips to make your next backyard barbecue under your patio cover a smashing success!


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