The Status of Luxury

LuxuryLet’s be honest: Nobody NEEDS a patio cover. Houses already come complete with roofs to keep out the rain, windows to keep out the wind, and floors to prevent the inhabitants from tramping through the dirt and mud.

Patio covers aren’t a necessity. Your family will be perfectly protected in your home without one.

But patio covers are a luxury — one that offers just prestige, but also more spaciousness, a gathering place that is both indoors and outdoors, and more value to your home.

Making Your Home Unique

Take it from us: Builders prefer to make all the homes they create look alike because it is cost-effective. It is easier and cheaper to make dozens of copies of the same house than it is to build a new style or design every time.

This explains why when you drive through practically every subdivision or suburb, you keep seeing the same house over and over again. Some may be configured at different angles in relation to the street, some may have a few minor features (awnings, window types, etc.) that are different, but most will have exactly the same floor plan and style as the one on either side of it.

Patio covers make any home unique. They add additional residential space on the back or side of the home while giving the inhabitants more room to enjoy. At the same time, they can make homes more luxurious and spacious.

Added Value

Plus, patio covers can increase the resale value of your home. Even if you aren’t planning on moving anytime soon, it’s reassuring to know that when you finally do move on you and your family will be able to sell your home for more, possibly including the cost of adding the patio cover in the first place.

So, no, nobody needs a patio cover. But because they add luxury, comfort, and value … most homeowners sure could use one.



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