Stamped Concrete Is Distinctive


The problem with living in the suburbs or another planned community is that all the houses tend to look alike. While that may cost-effective for the builder, it can cause consternation for the homeowner — especially one who prides themself on being unique.

But municipal zoning rules often prevent homeowners from making big, dramatic changes to the way their home looks. Neighbors can also complain if, for example, you were to paint your home an unusual color or substantially change its architectural design without permission.

And that’s perfectly understandable. The potential resale value of their home can be related to the way your home looks, and vice versa. What they can sell their home may depend on what your home looks like.

A Better Way

If you want your home to look distinctive but you don’t want to upset your neighbors or attract the ire of your community homeowners association or village zoning board, a great way to do it is with stamped concrete.

A stamped concrete driveway, patio, or porch offers a new and exciting look to your home without upsetting the status quo. Stamped concrete offers texture, pattern, and even color to your property without making big changes that can attract a lot of unwanted attention.

Add Value and Distinction

Stamped concrete also can add value to your home, especially if it’s in a subdivision that is composed of mostly the same type of construction. Your home will look distinctive and luxurious by standing out from the crowd, potentially making it more attractive to buyers.

Plus, don’t be surprised if once you install stamped concrete on your property if your neighbors do the same, or at least ask you where you got it.

Stamped concrete can attract attention to your property, but the best kind of attention: Admiration. And value.


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