Building Your Patio Cover for a Lifetime of Use

Texas Patio BuildersAdding a patio cover to your home provides a shaded area for gathering, entertaining, and relaxing. Your patio cover protects you from the elements while still allowing you to connect directly with nature.

Like an addition to your house, a patio cover also can increase the value of your home when it’s time for you to sell. Yet patio covers require far less construction and won’t disrupt your family’s lives while they are being installed.

Texas Patio Builders — Size, Scope, and Complexity

Patio covers come in all shapes, sizes, and designs. There are large patio covers that cover a huge surface area and tidy lean-tos that simply provide a slight bit of shade.

There are even free-standing patio covers that aren’t attached to a home or other structure at all. The type of patio cover installed at your home depends on what you want.

Our professional patio construction experts will consult with you before the first nail is driven to ensure that you get exactly the right patio cover for your specific wants and needs.

Texas Patio Builders — Anchored for Life

The size and type of patio cover will also determine how it is built. Many patio covers are attached to existing homes and supported by beams that are anchored with concrete footings.

For larger, freestanding patio covers, more intricate anchoring may be required. It all depends on the size, site, and weight of the structure.

Another consideration is local zoning laws. We will build your specific patio cover so that it is consistent with all local and state building regulations.

Texas Patio Builders — Shorter Construction Time

Building an entirely new home can take months. Adding an addition can take weeks.

But putting a patio cover on your home typically can be done within a day or two, or a few days at the most so you can enjoy your new patio cover as soon as possible.


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