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PatioIf you are considering adding a patio cover, gazebo, or other add-on structure to your home, now is the time to schedule construction.

That’s because the end of the summer/beginning of fall is one of the busiest times of the year for builders. More trucks are out right not than at any other time of the year.

Good Times

You may have noticed while driving through your neighborhood that lots of people are having work done on their homes right now. There are a couple of reasons for this. The first is that the clock is ticking in terms of good weather. Builders are racing to beat the winter temperatures or spring rains that can keep them from working.

Another reason is the economy. Right now, it’s booming. But who knows how long the strong economy will last. So historically it’s better to build during boom times than wait and risk not being able to expand.

 Good Value

Finally, a lot of people are improving their homes right now because they intend to sell in the not too distant future. Whether they are upgrading or moving somewhere else, adding a patio cover, gazebo, or other structure to their homes not only makes them more functional but also adds value when it comes time to sell.

Scheduling construction of your patio cover or another type of home improvement now ensures you will be put on the list before the winter weather sets in. Plus, you can take advantage of the strong economy, including things like low financing and lower-priced construction materials.

Plus, the sooner your patio cover is built, the sooner you and your family can start enjoying the comfort and security of having a shady area to play and rest right in your own backyard.


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