Running Electrical In Your Patio Cover

house powerYour patio cover can create an extension of your house outside. It can enhance the look, functionality, and value of your backyard.

But you may want to have the same conveniences in your backyard patio cover area of your home as you do inside your house, such as electricity.

Wiring Electrical

Generally speaking, wiring your patio cover to include outdoor electrical outlets is no problems. This gives you a helpful, convenient place to plug in electrical appliances you may want to use outdoors, such as a sound system, an electric start grill, or fans.

It also gives you a place to charge your mobile devices while you are enjoying the great outdoors beneath your attractive patio cover. Bonus!

Using outlet covers that are designed and approved for outdoor use is suggested. Basically, the only difference between these and interior outlets is that they have a waterproof cover that snaps into place when the electrical outlet isn’t in use. This helps prevent water from getting into the outlet when it rains or snows.

Interior and Exterior Wiring

There are two ways to wire your patio cover for power: Running the conduits inside the construction or placing them on the exterior of the roof, support beams, and other structures.

Putting the conduit inside the ceiling and walls is more cosmetically appealing because they are hidden. But you usually will want to do to this when the patio cover is being built. Otherwise, you may need to rip out walls and ceilings to place them.

Exterior conduits are usually used when retro-fitting a patio cover for electricity. While the conduits, junction boxes and other electrical equipment may be visible, there are no many attractive covers you can use to camouflage them or keep them out of sight.

Having power outside under your pati0 cover is convenient and will improve the functionality of your back porch.


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