Recreate Your Living Experience with Eagle Patio Cover Builders

Recreate Your Living Experience with Eagle Patio Cover Builders – Houston Patio Covers Builders

Eagle Patio is a renowned roofing company which was formed in 1993 by Jerry Maciel and JC Micheloni. Later on in 1997 they also started to build to Patio Covers and have been known since then as the pioneers of Patio Covers. Countless Houston patio covers and stamped concrete floors has been added to their remarkable credentials over the past few years. The secret behind their exponential growth is there exemplary hard work, diligence and endurance to encounter all sorts of obstacles from home design to home building.

The famous Houston Patio Covers follow the specifications of homeowners and meet the conduct of Homeowners Association guidelines. Houston patio covers has mastered the art of inspiring living through fascinating and aspiring home surfaces. From roof surface to stand alone gazebo, Houston Patio Covers has what it takes to build a spectacular house of your dreams. We build all types and styles of patio covers and concrete floor to meet the maximum needs of our customers.

Patio Covers Houston

Is a place where quality meets excellence. We make sure that the materials we use are of the highest available quality and the man power required to utilize them are solid as a rock. Our quality assurance specialists make sure that the materials we choose are selected by our best team of material experts that pick these materials from dry storage areas. We strictly prohibit the use of materials that are been stacked up in weather-exposed yards. This is how we succeed in achieving the highest level of finished product along with customer satisfaction.


Patio Covers Houston provides astounding shade and protection from the sun, which will allow you to have a fantastic time with your friends and family even in the hottest days of summer. Following are the reasons that why Houston Patio Covers will prove to be the best for you and your house:

  • It gives a majestic landscaping feature that looks like a real beauty and works like a charm in summers
  • It will provide adequate shade to the garden pathways, that even under the scorching heat of sun; you can walk around your walk without the fear of getting sun burn. Some patio covers are impressively expandable providing an extensive shade at the back of your house, so that your friends and family can party in assorted climates.
  • It adds an exceptional beauty to the lush green garden in your house.
  • It breathes style and freshness in your garden, increasing its overall appeal on a huge scale.
  • It will also protect your high quality expensive furniture and if those are antiques then Houston Patio Covers ought to be your ultimate choice!

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