Plant Your Spring Garden Under Your Patio Cover

African American mother hugging her son.Homeowners who don’t have a big back yard sometimes need to make a tradeoff: Add the comfort and security of a patio cover or maintain a flower or vegetable garden.

Who says you can’t do both? This spring, why not add a decorative, attractive patio cover to your home while still keeping or even expanding your backyard garden?

Patio Covers Houston — Spring Planting Under Your Patio Cover

There are many decorative and vegetable producing plants that do well in the shade, even in hot, humid Houston summers.

In fact, too much direct sunlight can be more damaging to some plants than not getting enough sun. As long as you properly water, fertilize, and weed your vegetable or flower garden, plants that do well in the shade can thrive underneath your patio cover and add new life to your backyard.

Patio Covers Houston — Shade and Time of Day

Where your patio cover is located and how big it is can play an important role in the healthy development of the plants that grow in your backyard.

Your patio cover will provide shade because it creates a barrier between direct sunlight and what lies underneath it. But the angle of the sun continually changes throughout the day as the sun moves from the eastern to the western sky.

During the hottest part of the day, from about 10 a.m. until about 2 p.m., your patio cover will provide the most shade to the largest area of your backyard. But in the cooler mornings and late afternoons, plants that are located near the sides of your patio cover can still collect plenty of healthy sunshine to thrive and prosper.

Patio Covers Houston — Not a ‘One of the Other’ Decision

If you are considering a patio cover but you already have a backyard garden, you may still be able to have a thriving, vibrant garden.

You don’t have to trade shade for a garden. When you pick the right plants and position your plantings wisely to take full advantage of the sun, you can have both.



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