Patio Covers Aren’t Just for the Back Porch

collection photo share email thumb4When most homeowners think about patio covers, the first image they have is a covered back porch.

Installing a patio cover over a cement area of your backyard offers you a place to host outdoor parties, barbecue or simply relax and enjoy the beautiful weather outside your home.

But there are other places where a patio cover can come in useful around your home as well.

Lean-To Carport

If you have a driveway that runs along the side of your home, you might consider adding a patio cover that is attached to the side of your house. This provides you with the perfect place to park your car on a hot, sunny day.

Even if you already have a garage, having additional covered space above an area of your driveway offers convenience and comfort — especially if there is a side door leading into your home.

Swimming Pavilion

Another area where you can install a patio cover is next to an in-ground or above-ground pool.

Swimming pools don’t necessarily have to be attached to your home. They can be located in your backyard so that there is more space for swimmers and children to run around and play without having to worry about their tracking water into your house.

A patio cover located next to a pool gives swimmers a convenient place to get out of the sun’s harmful rays when they aren’t playing in the pool. It’s also an ideal place for a delicious summer picnic lunch or a swim party snack.

Freestanding Picnic Area

If your home is located on a large property, another use for a patio cover is as a freestanding pavilion. This provides many possible uses, including a secluded picnic area, a space where you can store your garden supplies so they are protected from the elements when not in use, and as an outdoor play area for children.

Patio covers don’t always have to be attached to the back of your house. If you think creatively, it’s possible to imagine all kinds of uses for your patio cover.


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