Patio Covers 101: The Basics

CoversAn increasing number of homeowners are considering adding a patio cover to their home — and for good reason. Patio covers offer shade and comfort while still providing access to the great Texas weather.

But they also offer value. A well-built, attractive patio cover built in the right spot of your home can increase its potential resale value. Even if you aren’t planning to move for many years, or even decades, from now it’s good to know that your investment in a patio cover will pay big dividends down the line. It may even pay for itself — and more!

Indoor/Outdoor Comfort

Most patio covers feature a sturdy roof that protects those beneath it from things like rain, snow, and the hot Texas sun. Families, friends, and neighbors can gather in comfort and security regardless of what it’s doing outside.

But its lack of walls also provides open-air breezes, less confinement, and instant access to pools, patios, and backyards. In other words, patio covers offer the best of both worlds: Indoor protection combined with outdoor appreciation.

Maximum Value

The biggest investment many people make is their home. Homeowners rely on the equity they build up over the years and the traditional rise in housing prices to give them future financial security as well as a comfortable and safe place to live.

Patio covers offer the same benefit. Think of them as an extension of your home, one that you can use to its fullest benefits for years to come while still collecting on its value when you finally sell and move to another home.

There is no better time to add a patio cover to your home than right now when you and your family can start enjoying its comfort, safety, and convenience while beginning to add value to your property’s value.


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