What to Do if Your Patio Cover Springs a Leak

Patio covers provide shade and protection from the sun and weather. But over time, they can deteriorate just like anything else.

So what do you do when patio covers springs a leak? Is it necessary to replace all or part of it? Or can the leak simply be repaired.

Replace or Repair

The answer depends on the cause of the leak. In some instances, leakage can occur if there is a sudden, heavy rain that overwhelms your home’s ability to properly drain the water via the gutter and downspout system.

If the leak is a one-time incident caused by sudden heavy rainfall, you may not need to do anything about it, especially if the patio cover performs up to standard after the storm has passed.

But if the leak is persistent or gets worse over time, you will need to do something about it.

Determining the Cause

Before you call a professional repair service, you should inspect the patio cover to see if you can determine the cause of the leak.

Get a ladder and climb up so that you are on the same level with the top of your patio cover. Can you see any holes or signs of rust or wear? If so, that’s likely the culprit.

The patio cover may not be strong enough to hold your weight. So you probably want to avoid climbing up on it to get a closer look. But maneuver the ladder so you are as close as possible. It’s a good idea to snap a couple of photos for future reference.

Decision Time

If the hole is small enough, you may be able to plug it with an epoxy or caulking material. If it is a large hole and is flaking around the sides, you may need to replace either the slat or the entire roof, depending on how your patio cover is built.


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