What Are Your Patio Cover Building Material Options?

A patio cover can provide a shady spot for enjoying a sunny summer’s day in the backyard. But the type of building material you choose for your patio cover can affect both its functionality and its cost.patio cover

Patio covers come in a wide variety of styles and materials. While each has its different advantage, they all provide the same comfort, keeping rain and other water off of your patio while allowing a cool, relaxing summer’s breeze to flow through the area.

When choosing the building material for your patio cover, it’s important to take into account the climate where you live.

The Best Building Materials

Here are the most popular building materials for patio covers:


— Pressure-treated lumber and plywood are some of the most common patio cover building materials. They offer a natural look and can be designed into any shape or style you choose.


— Patio covers made of vinyl, canvas, sailcloth or other fabrics offer a lot of versatility usually at a substantially lower cost. These include such patio covers as retractable umbrellas, outdoor tents, or cloth pergolas that can keep the rain out and provide shade while still allowing some sunshine to flow through.


— For a more permanent structure consider building a patio cover out of metals such as aluminum or steel. These building materials are frequently used for patio covers that double as carports. Metal patio covers usually come in sheets or as part of prefabricated units that can be easily assembled on site. They typically come in a wide range of colors and offer reflective benefits.


— Translucent plastic panels made of polycarbonate will keep the wind, rain, and ultraviolet rays out while still allowing a lot of light to shine through. They are frequently used in greenhouses or patios that have a lot of plants.


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