A Patio Cover Can Add Value to Your Home

Many homeowners who are considering buying a patio cover are convinced when they learn how much it can add to the resale value of your home.

If you live in an area where all the houses pretty much look alike — such as in a subdivision where there are only two or different styles of house repeated over and over again — a patio cover is an ideal way to make your house stand out from all the rest.

Like Having an Extra Room

A patio cover that’s attached to your back porch is like having an additional room for your home. It’s perfect for entertaining, relaxing with friends or simply having a quiet yet refreshing outdoor space that’s out of the sun’s direct rays.

The perceived value of a home increases when a patio cover is installed. It’s one of those small, affordable add-ons that offers an enormous benefit when it comes time to resell your home.

Brings Life to Any Backyard

If you have a backyard pool, a patio cover is an ideal space for swimmers to take a break out of the sun and water. It’s like having your own poolside cabana where you can relax while still enjoying the outdoors.

Even if there’s no pool, a patio cover still brings life to any backyard. Add a grill, a fire pit, patio furniture and any other type of outdoor additions and your backyard can become the centerpiece of your home — or even the neighborhood!

The bottom line is that a patio cover is not only a good addition to the backyard, but it’s a good investment in the value of your home. Homeowners can often more than recover the price of the patio cover when they resell their home.

In fact, we frequently get calls from homeowners who are getting ready to sell their home and want us to install a patio cover so it will be easier to sell!


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