Outdoor Flooring Can Make Your Patio Cover an Extension of Your Home

Having a patio cover covering an outside patio or pool area can add to the beauty and functionality of your home.

But you can make the covered area seem even more like an extension of your home by also adding outdoor flooring.

Benefits of Outdoor Flooring

Many homeowners choose concrete as their default material for their outdoor patios. It’s a popular choice because it lasts a long time, will stand up to the elements, and adds stability.

But cold, bland concrete doesn’t offer the same kind of comfort and familiarity as outdoor flooring. It screams “backyard patio” rather than whispering “another room of your house” the way outdoor flooring does.

Types of Outdoor Flooring

There are many types of durable, attractive outdoor flooring that can make the area of your yard covered by a patio cover to seem more of an extension of your home:


Wood has a warm, natural look that can give your outdoor patio a more comfortable feel. Wood can be stained to complement or match wood floors inside your home. Just make sure to use a heavy-duty weatherproof sealer to protect the wood from the elements.


Natural stone paving provides an elegant look when installed beneath your patio cover. You can even choose stone — such as sandstone, limestone, slate or marble — that occurs elsewhere in your landscaping to create an integrated effect.

But you have to be careful because stone can absorb oily stains that are nearly impossible to get out. It’s also one of the most expensive outdoor flooring choices.


The biggest benefit of tile is that it is affordable and available in many different styles and colors. It can be the perfect outdoor flooring choice. Tile comes in both ceramic and porcelain, and many types of tile specifically designed for outdoor use are frost proof and/or treated with a penetrating sealer.

Porcelain tile is often the best choice because the color runs all the way through, so chips or scratches are less likely to show.


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