How Long Does It Take to Build a Patio Cover?

Take Once you have made your decision to add a patio cover to your home, the last thing you want is to have to wait to enjoy it. Yet with many builders, it can take weeks or even months before they get around to constructing your patio cover.

And if you are adding a patio cover because you want to use it for a special event such as a wedding, anniversary, or milestone birthday party, the last thing you need is the worry of whether or not it will be finished on time. How long does it take to build a patio cover, anyway?

Construction Time

The answer is not very long, at least once construction on your patio cover begins. Depending on its size, complexity, and whether or not a concrete base needs to be poured first, building a patio cover should typically take no longer than a week to 10 days in most cases. Often it can take much shorter.

The problem isn’t the construction of the patio cover. Delays in building a patio cover typically have to do more with the builder’s schedule. During the busy season, a good construction company or contractor could have dozens of projects all going on at the same time. So it can take longer to get to your patio cover when they are busy.

Move to the Front of the Line

At Eagle Patios, we understand that when you order your patio cover you most likely want it built right away. That’s especially true if you are planning to feature it for a special event at your home.

The best way to ensure you get your patio cover as quickly as possible is to order it early. And if there is a deadline, let the builder know right away so your project can be moved up in the priority list.


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