Leave the Building Code Paperwork to Us

Urb BeforeBuilding codes regulate what can be built where, how it needs to be constructed, and what types of materials, surfaces, and even colors can be used. They are legal definitions that help protect both people and communities.

The problem is that just about every local jurisdiction has its own specific building codes. So it’s practically impossible for the average homeowner to know all of the building codes that apply to their specific property.

The good news is that you don’t have to. Typically, the contractor doing the construction on your home will either be familiar with the building codes that apply to your property or will do the research to find out.

Patio Covers Houston — When Building Codes Apply

While there are building standards that apply to just about every construction project, there are no universal building codes that are in effect everywhere. While one jurisdiction may require one thing, a construction property on a lot directly next door may require something entirely different if it happens to be in another town, another county, or even another planned community.

For example, most of the time, local building codes don’t require a building permit if you are just pouring a concrete slab in your backyard. But if there is going to be a roofed structure built over the concrete patio, you may be required to submit drawings, building plans, and adhere to dozens or even hundreds of local building codes.

Patio Covers Houston — We’ve Got You Covered

At Eagle Patios, we have been constructing patio covers, backyard gazebos, and other backyard add-ons to homes in the Houston area for many years. So odds are we are very familiar with all of the local building code requirements for your area. And if we don’t know, we will find out.

When adding a patio cover to your backyard, the last thing you want to deal with is a lot of legal red tape. Let Eagle Patios take care of everything so all you have to focus on is enjoying your new backyard patio cover.



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