It’s Springtime in Texas!


Is Spring the best season in Texas? Quite possibly, it is.

Spring brings warmer temperatures and plenty of sunshine. But not so much that it’s hot and muggy. Not yet, anyway.

Springtime also brings the return of green pastures, blooming flowers, and the sowing seasons for farms and gardens alike. But most importantly, Spring is one of the best times of the whole year to gather together with family and friends in the backyard and enjoy a pleasant Texas afternoon or evening.

Beginning of BBQ Season

Some people say that barbeque season in Texas lasts all year long. And that would be pretty much the truth. But many homeowners wait until the spring when the weather is reliable and temperatures begin to rise across the board to fire up their backyard grills.

Spring is also when the days start to get longer so there is more opportunity to enjoy a cold drink and some delicious barbeque with your family, friends, and neighbors in your own backyard. And if there happens to be a few spring sprinkles falling from the sky? Why all you need to do is duck underneath your backyard patio cover where you can keep the good times going in comfort and safety.

The Boys of Summer

In Texas, Springtime also means a return of the Boys of Summer. Whether you root for the Rangers or the Astros, you can enjoy listening to the games on the radio while mowing the lawn or watching the big plays on your outdoor flat-screen TV under your protective patio cover.

While Fall has its college and pro football and winter has the holidays, Springtime quite possibly could be the best time to be in Texas. This year, why not enjoy it under the comfort and security of your own backyard patio cover?

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