How Long Will It Take to Build Your Patio Cover?

Patio Covers HoustonWhen a homeowner decides they would like to add a patio cover to their house, they generally would like the job to be done as soon as possible so they can enjoy comfort, privacy, and security right in their own backyard.

So the first question we typically get asked by new clients is, “When will my patio cover be finished?” The answer can depend on a lot of factors, not all of which can be controlled.

Patio Covers Houston — Construction Time

The actual construction of the patio cover usually doesn’t take very long. If the patio cover is being built over existing concrete and there is no additional stonework that needs to be done, the entire job can often be finished within a week to 10 days. Adding stone columns or pouring concrete for the project can add a few to several days to the construction time.

But there are always exceptions. For example, you may need to coordinate your schedule with the electrician’s so that you both can be there at the same time.

Weather also can delay construction of your patio cover. If it is raining heavily, too windy, or sub-freezing, you can expect construction delays

Patio Covers Houston — Approvals and Inspections

A factor that can often delay the start of construction is the approval process in your particular area. Some places require the approval of a homeowners association before any construction can begin. In others, the city or town may require permitting and inspections, both of which can delay our crew from starting to build your patio cover.

It’s not uncommon for the approval process to take longer than the actual construction of your patio cover. In some communities, approval can take between 30 and 45 days. Once the project has the necessary permits, construction can take far less time.

Once your patio cover is finished, however, you can enjoy it for many years to come.



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