Houston Patio Covers Does Repairs, Too

Houston Patio CoversIt’s an understatement to say that Hurricane Harvey did a number on East Texas. The deadly storm caused billions of dollars of damage to homes and businesses in Houston and throughout the region.

The storm’s high winds were responsible for ripping the roofs of many residential and commercial buildings, including patio covers. If your patio cover was damaged by Hurricane Harvey or another weather event, you can call Houston Patio Covers to have it repaired.

Houston Patio Covers — Repair Your Patio Cover

The weeks and months following Hurricane Harvey are sure to be extremely busy in East Texas as millions of homeowners and business owners make the repairs they need to get their lives back to normal.

If you patio cover suffered structural damage from the powerful winds caused by the storm, you can get the repairs you need by calling Eagle Patios in Houston. We can help you restore your patio cover to its original condition so you can accelerate the recovery process right in your own backyard.

Houston Patio Covers — Other Storm Damage

The once in lifetime storm resulted in extensive flooding as well as wind and rain damage. If your backyard or home was one of the millions left underwater in the wake of the storm, it may have weakened the footings that hold up your patio cover.

Eagle Patios in Houston can inspect your patio covers footings to ensure they are in optimal condition. Standing water can erode even the strongest materials, including concrete.

Damaged footings can threaten the structural integrity of your patio cover. So it’s important to have them checked out by licensed professionals like those at Eagle Patios.

Houston and the surrounding vicinity took a beating from Hurricane Harvey. But while we may be down, we are by no means out. After all, we’re Texans.



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