Houston Is the Ideal City for Patio Covers

pool fancy houseThere are homes in every city, state and region of the US that have patio covers. But there’s only one city where patio covers aren’t just a luxury, they are practically a necessity: Houston, Texas.

That’s mostly because of Houston’s weather. It doesn’t get too cold in the winter. And while the summers are hot, they are much more temperate than places like Florida or even southern Lousiana.

Patio Covers Houston — Protection from the Sun

One thing that Houston has a lot of is sunshine. Houston’s climate officially is classified as humid subtropical.

That means that it is relatively warm compared to other parts of the country, despite its many temperature variations.

For example, August is the hottest month of the year with an average temperature of 84.6 degrees F. But even during the coldest month of the year, January, the average temperature is still a comfortable 53.1 degrees F.

Both extremes are ideal temperatures for sitting out in your backyard and enjoying some traditional Texas barbecue under your professionally built patio cover.

Patio Covers Houston — Rain, Rain, Go Away

Houston also gets its share of rain. The normal annual precipitation is 49.11 inches, which is more than some places but not as much as others.

The region will occasionally get tropical cyclones, especially during the Atlantic hurricane season, but it’s so far inland that it doesn’t usually take the full brunt of these superstorms (with 2008’s Hurricane Ike being the notable exception).

Instead, the worst Houston normally gets is heavy rain that can cause flooding once every couple of years.

Patio Covers Houston — The Ideal Backyard Addition

Rain, sun, cool temperature, muggy weather. All are perfect for enjoying your backyard underneath the patio cover.

Houston and patio covers are made for each other. So why not call today to get your free estimate on a custom built patio cover for your backyard.



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