Hosting the Perfect Backyard Barbecue Under Your Patio Cover

Summer is the time for grilling outside, inviting friends over, and enjoying the great outdoors.

You patio cover provides the perfect spot for hosting your next backyard get-together. Your family and friends can enjoy each other’s company, engage in friendly conversation, and enjoy some great food and drinks while being protected from the sun’s bright rays.

Even a little rain isn’t going to be enough to ruin the fun when you have a patio cover in your backyard. All you need to do is to pull the lawn furniture underneath and let the good times continue to roll as you wait for the summer sprinkle to pass. Your patio cover will do the rest.

Recipe for a Great Barbecue

The ingredients for the perfect backyard barbecue are pretty much universal. All you need is any type of grilled food, a cooler full of both beer and sodas, some great summer party jams, and a few good friends.

Grilling is also pretty much an essential part of a backyard barbecue. After all, it’s right there in the name!

Whether you use a gas grill, a charcoal grill, a smoker or something else, just make sure you have plenty of meat and buns, as well as a few condiments, and you are ready to go.

Menu Planning

You can serve a simple menu such as burgers and hot dogs. Or mix things up a bit by adding some baby back ribs or some grilled chicken to the menu.

Sausage is always a welcome addition to any summertime party. Pick up few packages of Polish or Italian sausage from your favorite meat market. Or ask for some of their best bratwurst to really impress your guests.

Don’t forget the buns: While hot dogs are best served soft buns, sausages typically need something more sturdy to stand up to the snap. Opt for French Rolls or sub rolls.

Cooking out beneath your patio cover is a great way to create lasting summertime memories.


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