Happy Father’s Day from Patio Covers TX!

hendrickson-complete-3Father’s Day this year is on Sunday, June 19th. And there’s no better way to spend the holiday devoted to dads than sitting outside under your comfortable, convenient patio cover.

Your patio cover will protect you from the sun’s harsh rays while providing fathers — along with all of your other Father’s Day guests — with a relaxing place to enjoy the day.

Spending Time with Dad

Enjoy a Father’s Day meal of BBQ, cold cuts, salads and other summertime favorites in the cool comfort of your patio cover’s shade. Dad will enjoy spending time with his family, neighbors and other guests as the guest of honor at the day’s celebration.

The tradition of celebrating Father’s Day dates back to 1910 when the State of Washington observed the first official day for dads. The idea quickly spread across the US and by 1924, then-president Calvin Coolidge declared that the nation should celebrate Father’s Day each year on the third Sunday in June.

Modern Traditions

Contemporary Father’s Day traditions include gift-giving. Ties, barbeque equipment, and cologne are common gifts for dads.

The holiday also usually features watching sports on TV. The National Basketball Association Championship Finals are almost always on during Father’s Day, as are Major League Baseball Games.

Patio Cover Fun

The best way to spend Father’s Day is to celebrate in the shade of your outdoor patio cover. It’s one of the only holidays of the year where the odds of the weather being nice are extremely high.

Even if there is an occasional rain shower, you can keep the party going while protecting your guests from getting wet when you host your party underneath your outdoor patio cover.

Patio covers and Father’s Day just go together. Maybe this year, you can begin a new Father’s Day tradition by hosting your party beneath your comfortable, cool and convenient outdoor patio cover!


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