Grow a Backyard Garden Beneath Your Patio Cover

potted plantNothing brings a backyard to life like a flower garden. The rich colors, the pleasing aromas, the way flowers dance in the gentle breeze will transform your yard into a backyard paradise.

But not all flowers do well in the intense heat and direct sunshine of Houston summers. If you want a colorful, amazing flower garden that will be the envy of your family and friends, consider planting a few flowers in pots beneath your patio cover.

Convenience and Comfort

Potted flowers beneath your patio cover offer the convenience of low maintenance while still providing your yard with the comfort and color of an attractive garden.

Potted plants require far less maintenance than a garden planted in the ground. For one, there’s far less weeding required. Because your plants are beneath your patio cover, there’s less likelihood that floating seeds from weeds and nearby trees will be able to take root.

Your plants also will be more protected from pests such as rabbits, rodents, and even insects.

Best Flowers to Plant

The most common flower to plant in the shade is the hosta lily. Get several different colors of these durable, fragrant flowers to create a dramatic garden effect right outside your back door.

Other flowers that will tolerate living in pots and in the shade include coral bells, foamflower, lungwort, and astilbe. Ask the experts at your local garden supply store for more recommendations for your specific area.

Other Gardening Supplies

Backyard gardening is a rewarding and relaxing hobby. Plus, it gives you the opportunity to spend more time outdoors and gives you a little exercise at the same time.

All you will need to keep your flowers looking robust and healthy is a watering can or hose, a little fertilizer, and perhaps some insecticide if you are having a bug problem.


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