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Most families start out with small houses that are just right for a young couple with one or two small children. But then as the years pass by more children start to come, in-laws may start moving in and the list of friends and acquaintances to invite to parties just becomes longer. Sooner or later that the cozy living room starts to get cramped. Before you know it you’re in a dilemma as to where you’ll be sitting all those friends and family coming for Christmas dinner. If you’re one of these homeowners who are thinking of expanding your living space for your growing family, then you might want to think about getting a patio cover.

Most people have the notion that patio covers is something for fancy suburban neighborhoods with large yards and space to spare. Well, in fact it’s simply a shade or backyard cover where you can enjoy a sunny afternoon or serve delicious barbecues to a small party of friends. It’s attached to the house and more often than not is immediately right after the backdoor where access to the kitchen-and food- is easy. In terms of functionality, it’s a fairly versatile space which can serve as a living room extension, dining area, or even a work area for some. It’s also an ideal play area where you don’t have to worry about the kids ruining your furniture or breaking the vases. In fact, many families use their patios as a primary living area during summer and spring. What better place to enjoy, fresh air, blue skies and sunlight than in the safety and comfort of your own patio. And for garden enthusiasts, a well-covered patio is a good area to place those exotic plants that need more protection from the elements.

Aside from the additional living space, patio covers can also improve the aesthetic appeal of one’s home. A well-crafted lattice patio cover can add elegance to just about any façade. Specially designed columns and roofs can serve as a trellis for vines that can add an exotic charm to any urban house. Even a simple, solid backyard patio can soften the appearance of an uninteresting yard. A few owners opt to place patio covers Houston just to improve the curb appeal of their homes.

However, while adding a patio cover to your house can be very tempting, most homeowners can be quite confused. A quick browse on the internet will reveal a wide array of colors, designs and materials. Often times people will ask: how much will it cost? How will it affect the overall appearance of the house? How much protection from the elements will it provide? Would it better in the front or back?

If you’re interested in constructing a patio cover in your yard but are not sure where to start, don’t be overwhelmed. We at Eagles Patioshave been in the roofing business for generations. We don’t simply put on quality patio covers; we guide homeowners in making the best decisions for the homes and families. Give us a call or drop by our office and we’ll help you with all your patio cover questions.


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