Expand the Size of Your Home with a Patio Cover

In the summertime, there’s nothing better than enjoying the warm weather and appreciating nature right in your own backyard. But spending too much time in the sun or letting a little rain ruin your day can be a real disappointment.

Adding a patio cover to your home lets you enjoy the protection of a roof while still spending as much time as possible outdoors. In fact, a patio cover can actually increase the usable space in your home.

‘An Outdoor Dining  Room’

For example, set up a picnic table and some benches or chairs under your patio cover and you’ve created a second dining room for your home — except this dining room features fresh air, natural light and cool summer breezes.

When the temperature allows, you can host memorable family dinners outdoors under your patio cover while still being completely protected from the sun’s rays, rain or bird waste.

‘Backyard Party and Rec Room’

Do you love entertaining? Then why not host your next get-together in your backyard under your patio cover? Setup a little bar or fill a cooler with beverages, plug in your MP3 player or radio to a stereo system, drag a few chairs under the backyard awning, and you’ve created the perfect mood in an idyllic natural environment.

Patio covers also are perfect for guaranteeing your backyard barbecue cooking goes off as planned regardless of the weather. You can serve up burgers, hot dogs and other delicious treats to your guests and never have to worry about the weather forecast.

Sleep Under the Stars

You can even pull out the old sleeping bags and spend a night sleeping outdoors under your patio cover. Share a backyard adventure with your kids or gaze at the stars with your partner.

Adding a patio cover to your home is a great way to get more use from your home and make the most of the outdoors at the same time.


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