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Eagles Patios, the number one patio cover provider in the State of  Texas

We can create several possibilities when it comes to your choices of patio covers. We know that every homeowner has their own plans why they want to put roofs over their patios. For this reason, we have added more features and materials to be able to cater to your specific needs.

Patio covers may stifle the supply of light to your living room, making it necessary for you to use more electricity than what is needed. It darkens your indoors and give an impression of a gloomy place. We have transparent cover materials which you can avail to bring continue supply of sunlight working to your advantage.

Transparent patio cover is also best if you have several ornamental plants in your patios which you use as decorations. The sunlight will still be able to deliver the required energy to help them produce their food through the process called photosynthesis. You don’t have to carry your flower pots or portable gardens outside so that they can enjoy their daily dose of sunlight. This will make them look healthy and maintain their bloom. You will enjoy your mini garden at their best while enjoy reading your ebooks and other reading materials. It will be a perfect place to entertain your guests over a cup of coffee or tea with some donuts or garlic French bread toasts.

The presence of constant sunlight will also help to ensure that your patio will stay free from bacteria and viruses. Sunlight will kill them and they have no means of staying in your patios and propagating there.

With transparent patio covers, I can very well say that you have the best of both weathers. Whether it rains or shines, you still enjoy nature at its fullest. You can see the rain fall and the sun shining without suffering from their adverse effects. These covering come in UV proof material which means you have nothing fear from its adverse effect on your skin.

However, we have also the usual aluminum patio covers if you want the traditional patio cover. They are the coolest type of patio cover and require the least maintenance. You will love the diversity of their designs, giving you a wide variety of selections making it convenient for you to pick the right one. We will provide it with a seamless gutter to keep the rain water from back splashing and flooding your patio.

One more thing, we also renovate and repair patio covers. You may have a very old patio cover right now and you want it remodeled. Give us a call or email us right now and we will come without delay. We will present to you several packages which you can choose according to your budget.

If you’re looking for the number one makers of patio covers Houston, we can deliver the patio cover that you really desire. Eagles Patios, with more than 20 years in service, you can’t be wrong in choosing us. We build the most durable and beautiful patio covers using the latest technique in construction technology.



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