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Eagles Patios will build you a patio cover just the way you like it

Do you have a patio near your pool? Does it have a patio cover? The patio cover will help protect you from the heat of the sun, especially from the harmful effect of UV rays. You don’t need to buy giant pool umbrellas to do it.  We can make the cover a permanent structure. This way we can create something beautiful to match the house’s ambiance.

Patio cover has many uses. You can also put one over your gazebo and other outdoor structures. If you have a garden you can enjoy watching them any time of day and any kind of weather fully protected from the sun, the rain and the snow.

Without patio cover your outdoor structure will appear unfinished or incomplete. It won’t add any significant beauty to your landscape. The opposite effect may just be unintended outcome. Well constructed and patio cover with highly creative design will have dual effect and you only pay for one. We create a patio cover to ensure your own comfort, safety and convenience and in the process, you get a special side ‘dish’; a beautiful décor to grace your lawn and give it more character and artistic flavor.

We have professional décor experts who can give your patios the covers that will fit right into the woodworks. You can tell them your ideas and right in front of you they can draw sketches which they will later on feed to the computer and come out with something more solid and show you how your ideas will come out in printed form. This is a very exciting way of presenting you the patio cover that you have in mind.

With your approval, out construction engineer will take over from there and before long your idea is transferred from the paper into a reality. It will be an exact representation of your own figment of imagination.

One of the most crucial decisions we have to make is the size of the patio cover. If it’s too big, it will overwhelm the patio and, the patio will lose its identity. Not only that, the entire structure will look like an oversize mushroom.  If the cover is too scant, the rain and the sun may intrude and bring discomfort and inconvenience to you. The height of the patio is another consideration when constructing a patio cover.

There are several patio cover designs depending on the shape of the patio and the main roof.  Main roof here refers to the house roof. It can be circular, rectangular, round, hexagonal or whatever mix well with patio or the main roof. It can flat, domed shaped, pointed, two pronged and there are several other choices available for you to pick.

What is important is that the patio cover is highly functional, practical, durable and beautiful. If you’re looking for an exceptional patio covers Houston, our Eagles Patios construction team, will definitely deliver just the way you want it; nothing more, nothing less.  Contact us by phone or email. We will promise you the best result with the most reasonable price.


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