A Backyard Patio Cover Can Add a ‘Three Season Room’ to Your Home

collection_photo_share_email_thumbThree season rooms usually are porches that are screened in and unheated so they can only be used during the three warmest seasons of the year. During the coldest months, they are shut off from the rest of the house until things warm back up outside.

Now you can enjoy all the benefits of having a three season room of your very own without the trouble or expense of building an addition onto your home.

Backyard patio covers offer all the advantages of a three season room and more.

Protection from the Elements

Like a three season room, backyard patio covers can be used even if it is raining, windy or cloudy outside. They provide protection from the elements while allowing you to enjoy the pleasures of barbecuing, socializing, or even just reading or relaxing in your backyard.

They also can be furnished with lightweight outdoor furniture where you and your guests can relax as you enjoy the great outdoors.

Cold  Weather Comfort

Want to extend the life of your patio cover so that you can use it all year round? Then add a portable outdoor space heater to your backyard furnishings to provide a heated environment where you can relax even during the year’s coolest weeks.

Or how about an outdoor fire pit that adds the sights, sounds and excitement of having a roaring fire to your backyard fun. Outdoor fire pits are easy and safe to use, and they burn great-smelling natural wood that will pop and hiss just like a backwoods campfire.

There’s no limit to the ways you can enjoy your backyard patio cover. So rather than spend a fortune on a room you can only use some of the year, install a backyard patio cover that will give you all the same benefits and more at a fraction of the cost!


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