Did You Say Gazebo?

Patio-Builder-in-Houston-1024x522Adding a gazebo to your home will make it more noticeable. But did you know a gazebo can make your home more functional as well?

When most people think of a gazebo, they probably envision a round wooden structure at their local park. Or perhaps the gazebo featured in the classic film “The Sound of Music” during the song “Sixteen Going on Seventeen”. These are only small examples of what gazebos can actually be.

Home Gazebos

Today’s home gazebos come in a wide variety of designs, shapes, and sizes. There are square gazebos, round gazebos, and even octagonal or oval gazebos. Whatever type you want, we can build.

Plus, they can be located practically anywhere on your property including a hidden, cozy spot or smack dab in the middle of your backyard.

Gazebos can be open-air or feature waist-level walls that surround all or most of their perimeter. They can even include screens that keep out pesty insects while allowing fresh breezes to waft through the interior.

 Uses for Gazebos

One question many homeowners ask is, “What would I do with a gazebo?” The answer is: Anything you want!

Gazebos in public parks or town squares are often used to house entertainment such as bands or public speakers. They also can be used for public ceremonies. But your private gazebo can be used for anything at all.

Some homeowners add gazebos for special events such as backyard weddings or a renewal of vows. But a gazebo also can be used as a peaceful place to do yoga, weight training, or aerobics in private but open to the fresh air and sunshine.

Or you can use your gazebo as an outdoor cooking area, as a centralized fire pit, or for sheltering a hot tub.

Who knew gazebos could have so many fun and exciting uses?!


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