Create Your Own Outdoor Gym Under Your Patio Cover

There’s something about working out outdoors that just feels better. Whether it’s lifting weights, doing some cardio workouts, or simply stretching or practicing your yoga moves, the fresh air, sunlight and natural sounds enhances the experience.

Perhaps that’s why some of the world’s most famous gyms — including Gold’s Gym on Venice Beach or the nearby “Muscle Beach” on the walkway — include outdoor areas where members can get their workouts in while still enjoying everything nature has to offer.

Working out outdoors also has the added benefit of being able to show off your muscular physique to passersby.

Outdoor Workouts at Home

Now you can replicate this same experience right in your own backyard by creating a home gym outside under your patio cover.

Simply move your weight bench or other equipment such as barbells or dumbells outside, or make space for your yoga mat, and you can enjoy the fresh air, sunlight and natural environment of the Great Outdoors right in your own backyard.

Cardio Backyard Workouts

You can even drag your stationary bicycle or wheel your treadmill onto your porch, plug them in, and get the full benefits of a cardio workout while still enjoying the sights and sounds that nature has to offer.

Your patio cover will keep you out of the direct sunlight so you don’t have to worry about sunburn or getting too hot. It also allows you to continue your workouts even if the weather suddenly turns inclement so you don’t have to let a few raindrops ruin your workout.

Showing Off for Your Neighbors

If you are proud of the slim, tight body your workouts have given you, doing your routines outdoors under your patio cover also lets your neighbors admire your strength and fitness.

So instead of joining an expensive gym or flying to LA for your next all-natural workouts, let your patio cover provide you with everything you need to get fit in the natural world.


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