Here Comes the Sun . Finally!

Lips AfterJust about everywhere in the United States, the winter of 2017-18 has been cold, gloomy, and most of all long! And Eastern Texas has been no exception.

Usually, by the end of March or the beginning of April, places like Houston, Katy, and Galveston are already well into the region’s normally warm, spring weather. While it may rain a little here and there, it’s usually warm most of the time.

But not this year. A deadly winter storm hit the area in mid-January and ever since then, the temperatures have struggled to get back to normal.

Patio Builder Houston — Warm Spring Weather

Finally, there are signs that the Houston region has turned a corner and is heading toward a more normal spring. Temperatures are finally rising, it’s sunnier more often than it is cloudy, and the whole area seems as if it is coming back to life.

In East Texas, that can mean only one thing: It’s time to start thinking about more outdoor activities, including entertaining your friends and neighbors in your own backyard.

Texans aren’t going to let a longer-than-normal winter put a crimp in their backyard barbecue plans. Instead, we’re going to shake it off and get ready for a long, hot summer of cold beer, hot BBQ, and good times with the people we love.

Patio Builder Houston — You Deserve a Reward

You’ve made it through winter. Now reward yourself by adding an attractive, shade-providing patio cover to the backyard of your home. Consider the fun and good times you can have entertaining under your patio cover.

Even if the weather takes another turn for the worst, at least you will have protection from the rain, wind, and even the hot Texas sun under the canopy of your gorgeous new patio cover.

It’s been a long, rough winter but you survived it. Now treat yourself to the reward you deserve: A new patio cover by Eagle Patios!


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