The Color of Your Patio Cover Matters

Patio Builder Houston If you are considering adding a new patio cover to your home, one of the most important questions to answer prior to construction is what color you want it to be.

The color of your patio cover is more than just decorative. It also can affect the temperature of the area beneath your patio cover. Plus, some colors will help your patio cover last longer.

Patio Builder Houston — Bright Colors and Temperature

Most homeowners want their patio cover to match the color of their home. But if your home has bright colors, you may want to think twice about this choice.

In places like Houston, where the temperatures can get very hot, lighter colors for your patio cover can help the surface area beneath keep cooler. Light colors reflect the sun, while darker colors absorb the sun. So if you have a patio cover that is a dark color, it probably will be hotter even in the shade underneath it.

Patio Builder Houston — Colors and Longevity

For the same reason, brighter colors also tend to last longer than dark colors on patio covers. Dark colored patio covers can literally “bake” in the Texas sun. So they can age faster than light-colored patio covers.

Plus, brighter colors won’t fade as quickly in the hot sun, require less future maintenance. As a result, light-colored patio covers tend to last longer than dark-colored patio covers.

Patio  Builder Houston — Keeping It Clean

One consideration with light-colored patio covers is cleanliness. Lighter colors tend to show dirt and dust more than dark colors. So you may need to clean your patio cover more often if you choose a lighter color.

Before you make your final choice of color for your patio cover, it’s also a good idea to familiarize yourself with local laws, ordinances, and homeowners association rules that may limit what colors you can use in the area where you live.


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