Clean the Deck Beneath Your Patio Cover with a Power Washer

crowder-jena-finished-5Over time, the deck beneath your patio cover will accumulate dirt and grime. Whether it’s made of wood, composite or concrete, occasionally you will need to clean it using a power washer.

If you have never used one before, there’s one thing you should know about using a power washer: It’s a lot of fun!

Power washers use pressurized water that is concentrated into a jet stream to blast away dirt, debris and anything else that is clinging to your patio deck. You also can use these helpful, powerful tools to clean siding, cement, and any other durable surface.

Where to Get a Pressure Washer

Pressure washers tend to be expensive to buy. Fortunately, they are available rental at most home improvement and hardware stores. You can rent a pressure washer by the hour or by the day.

To cut your expenses, you might consider going in on a pressure washer rental with a friend, neighbor or relative. That way you can get twice the use out of the machinery for the same price.

Prepping a Pressure Washer

Before turning on the pressure washer, check the inlet filter to see if there is any debris left over from previous uses. This can be simply cleaned out.

Next, connect any accessories. For example, if you are using a chemical injector, this can be hooked up to the pressure washer.

Then you want to run a little water through the washer for a minute to prime it and remove any air. Do this while the unit is still turned off. Simply connect the unit to a water supply and squeeze the spray wand trigger to bleed the water pressure.

Finally, pull the starter cord to start the pressure washer’s engine and it should roar to life.

Cleaning Your Deck

Point the stream at the area you want to clean, pull the trigger, and let the jet stream of water do the rest.

Be careful not to point the wand at anything that could be damaged or harmed by the powerful stream of water, such as lawn furniture or non-durable surfaces.


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