‘Can I Use Indoor Furniture Under My Outdoor Patio Cover?’

Indoor Furniture OutdoorsWhen you have a new, attractive patio cover outside your home, there’s often the temptation to furnish the area with the same type of furniture you would use in your indoor living room.

But is that really a good idea? The honest answer is: “It all depends.”

Indoor Furniture Outdoors

The obvious problem with using indoor furniture — such as cloth couches or chairs, wood tables, and lamps with electrical cords — is that there is the risk of them becoming ruined from dampness or rain.

Even though your patio cover provides you with protection from the overhead elements, if there are no walls protecting the sides of your patio cover, moisture, wind and rain and can combine to threaten the furniture you place beneath it.

Then there’s the risk of people sitting on your cloth furniture with wet bathing suits or dirty clothes.

That’s why most homeowners opt to use outdoor furniture under their patio covers. Outdoor furniture is generally waterproof — being made from either hard plastic or treated wood — and has pads that either repel moisture or will quickly dry if they become damp.

Alternatives for Patio Cover Furnishings

If you would like to use indoor furniture beneath your patio cover, there are still a couple of alternatives to consider.

First, move your couches, chairs and other indoor furniture under your patio cover only as you need it, such as for a special event like a party. When you are through using it, you can move it back indoors or into a weather-proof storage area.

A second option is to cover the indoor furniture you use under your outdoor patio cover with waterproof tarps when they aren’t in use. This will protect your furniture from being directly affected by the weather, although the usable life of your furniture probably will be shortened due to moisture and humidity in the air.


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