Getting More Out of Your Backyard Patio Cover

Adding a patio cover to your home provides a comfortable, shaded area where you can enjoy backyard fun all year long. But you can increase the functionality of your patio cover by complementing it with other functional design elements.collection photo share email thumb1

Instant Swimming Pool Cabana

For example, a backyard patio cover is the perfect accompaniment to an in-ground or above-ground swimming pool. It provides a shaded area where swimmers can escape the sun’s bright rays while still enjoying the social aspect of playing in the pool with others.

Your backyard patio cover also serves as the perfect location for entertaining, especially while grilling or enjoying some early-evening cocktails with friends and neighbors. It gets people out of the intense heat of the sun and provides a relaxed, shaded environment where people can relax and enjoy themselves.

Protection from Outdoor Pests

Fit your patio cover with some optional screen walls and you can provide a barrier between you and any pesky insects or other unwanted pests, all while still allowing the cool evening breeze to pass through to cool you off.

Park your grill near your patio cover — but not under it — and you can instantly create your own convenient outdoor kitchen where you can serve your guest freshly roasted steaks, burgers and other items hot off the grill.

Garden Fresh Goodness

Purchase a few small outdoor planters or flower pots and position them near your patio cover, then plant some fresh herbs or vegetables that you can use to impress your guests by making a tableside salad with the freshest produce possible.

Having an outdoor patio cover provides you with many different options for extending the usefulness of your backyard and your home. From entertaining to providing protection from the sun, from having an outdoor area where you can enjoy nature peacefully, patio covers are a welcome addition to any backyard.


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