Backyard Flooding? Consider Stamped Concrete!

Backyard Flooding? Consider Stamped Concrete!Winter is in full force around most of the country. And that means that spring’s rains are not far behind, which can mean trouble if your backyard is prone to flooding.

If you dread the coming of spring because its annual rains flood your backyard year after year, consider adding decorative and reliable stamped concrete. Stamped concrete is resistant to even the heaviest spring rains and can help avoid damage caused by flooding.

Stamped Concrete Houston — Water Barrier

Concrete is hard and impenetrable to water. When stamped concrete is installed, it includes a pitch of approximately 1/4 inch per foot in most areas. So when water hits the concrete surface, gravity prevents it from pooling.

Instead, the pitch of your stamped concrete gently eases rainwater to where it can easily drain, such as a nearby storm sewer or drainage ditch. The result is a dry, flood-free backyard regardless of the intensity of duration of the rainstorm.

Stamped Concrete Houston — Add Color and Texture

But fixing your backyard flooding issue is only one of the many benefits of adding stamped concrete to your home. Today’s stamped concrete is available in a nearly infinite variety of colors, textures, and designs. So you can liven up all or part of your backyard to make it a centerpiece for family gatherings, social events, or simply relaxing by yourself in comfort and luxury.

Stamped concrete is also affordable. And unlike turf or other backyard surfaces, it isn’t susceptible to severe weather, bugs, disease, or other issues. Once installed, your stamped concrete can provide years of use with practically zero maintenance.

Spring rains are right around the corner. This year, forget about flood worries and get ready to enjoy your backyard for a change by calling Eagle Patios to install stamped concrete at your home. It’s the trouble-free backyard surface that you can enjoy all year round.


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