Consider the Angle of Light Before Installing Your Patio Cover

let the sun shineEagle Patio Covers is the number one provider of patio covers Houston residents have come to know and trust.

Our mission is to have all of our clients be completely satisfied with their patio covers. That’s why we always advise our customers to consider the angle of light before installing any patio cover.

How Light Enters Your Home

In some cases, a patio cover can actually cut down on the amount of light that enters into your home. If the light that is cut off is your primary light source, we will often advise our clients to consider placing the patio cover someplace else.

For example, let’s assume the front of your home faces east and the back of your home faces to the west. In the morning, the angle of the light coming from the rising sun will shine onto the front of your home — assuming there are no obstructions such as trees or other buildings.

Let the  Sun  Shine

In the evening, however, the sun is setting in the west. So the light will be hitting the back side of your home. If your family room opens up onto your backyard and you have sliding glass doors — like many Houston area homes — that means that the light will flood into your family room at the end of the day.

If this is something you enjoy or your family looks forward to experiencing, then you may want to reconsider adding a patio cover directly over your double sliding glass doors because it will block the sun and inhibit the rays from filling your family room with light.

Instead, you might consider moving your patio cover to the right or left of the sliding doors. That way you can enjoy the benefits of having a patio cover over your back porch while still allowing full sunlight into your home.


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