5 Ways to Prepare Your Patio Cover for Winter

bisby-robert-compl-w-brick-cols-4Fall is in the air and the leaves are on the ground, which means that winter is right around the corner.

Preparing your patio cover now for winter can save you time, money and problems later, after the temperatures drop below freezing and the snow starts falling.

Here are five fast, simple and affordable ways to prepare your patio cover for winter.

Remove the Leaves 

Allowing leaves to remain on your patio cover can cause the materials it is made of to break down faster. Use a leaf blower to quickly and easily remove accumulated leaves so your patio cover can start the winter clear.

Check for Leaks

Freezing water expands, which can cause problems down the line with your patio cover. During the next autumn rain, check out how your patio cover is draining. If water is leaking from the seam between your patio cover and your house, you probably will want to seal it before the freezing weather arrives.

Store Your Patio Furniture

Depending on what your patio furniture is made from, you might want to store it indoors — such as in your garage or shed. Wood and aluminum furniture are generally weather resistant, so they can be left outside if you want. But wicker and steel furniture should never be left out in the cold.

Check the Supports

It’s a good idea to check the strength of the structural beams or other supports holding your patio cover in place. Look for signs of fatigue or stress, such as bending, erosion or rust. If heavy snow accumulates on your patio cover, you want to make sure it can support the weight.

Think Spring 

While it may sometimes seem like it, winter won’t last forever. Pass the cold months trapped inside dreaming about using your patio cover next spring and summer.


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