3 Basic Elements Every Patio Cover Has to Have

Texas Patio BuildersAt Eagles Patios, every patio cover we build is unique. We don’t create cookie-cutter patio covers for every client because every client’s needs are the same.

Your patio cover will be designed and built according to your specific recommendations.

But while you can be assured that your backyard patio cover is one of a kind, there are certain elements that every patio cover shares.

Texas Patio Builders – The Roof

Perhaps the most important element of the patio cover is the roof. This is what protects you and your family from rain, sun, and other natural elements.

Generally, most patio cover roofs will be pitched at an angle so that rain rolls right off. They also will be covered with some or weather-proof material, such as shingles, to help your patio cover last longer.

Texas Patio Builders — Support Beams

The support beams are what hold your patio cover up. They need to be anchored securely into the ground, usually with either poured concrete, bolted metal brackets, or both.

Support beams need to be strong enough to hold up your patio cover for many years to come, as well as withstand weather forces such as rain, wind, and snow.

Texas Patio  Builders – Flooring Surface

Beneath your patio cover is the flooring surface. This can include things like poured concrete, wood decking, or other common patio surfaces.

If your backyard patio already has a level, secure surface, we may simply build your patio cover over your existing patio flooring. But in other cases, we will arrange to have a surface poured or built as part of your new patio cover’s construction.

While every patio cover Eagles Patios builds is a little bit different, they also all feature the same basic design and construction, upon which we can personalize your patio cover with such things as lighting, ventilation, decorative items, and more.


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