We build patio covers in a variety of styles: gable style, single slope, hip and contemporary styles.  All of our work is done to suit your specifications.


We build to your specifications on your choice of site. Gazebos can be built with four, six or eight sides and can be as ornate or as simple as you choose.


We usually dowel into the existing foundation, pour the concrete and apply the color of your choice. We then stamp your chosen design, allow for drying process, and apply an acrylic finish. 


We remove existing siding, apply moisture barrier to protect your woodwork, install Hardi Plank Siding, and paint to your choice of colors.

Custom Patio Covers Houston TX – Expand Your Home to Awesome Outdoor

Patio covers houston, one of the many reasons for having a patio cover in your backyard is Houston’s warm climate. We all need a patio covers to provide shade in our backyards. Historically, home builders did not spoil home buyers with patio covers, which we believe are necessities.

Patio covers allow you to enjoy the outdoors on even the hottest summer days. It provides protection from the elements, even protects your plants from exposure to frost. How enjoyable it is to be able to sit outside under a patio cover during a warm summer rain or a cool evening.

This landscaping feature does not only make your surroundings more enjoyable,  it’s highly functional as well. Some home designs can accommodate a patio cover to be built at the entire length of the back of the house, and with the addition of sky lights, maintain the natural lighting. Other designs such as a Gable can also maintain natural lighting. The additional area provided by a patio cover can be an extension of your home to provide entertainment for family and friends, eliminating overcrowding on the interior of your home and minimizing cooking odors when most of the cooking can be done outdoors. Re-sell value: A patio cover increases the value of your home and it’s  a  must-Patio Covers Houston have alongside a swimming pool. If a prospective buyer is on the market for a home in your neighborhood, after looking at several homes without a patio cover and then looking at your home with one, that prospective buyer will most likely choose yours even if you are asking for a higher price. This is simply because you have an extension of your home for leisure and socializing.

Discover the Main Uses of Patio Covers Houston

A patio cover can be built joined to almost any home with rare exceptions where the home design may not permit a patio cover to be joined to the home. In that case, a stand-alone gazebo may be built. JC is the coordinator who makes all parts of the patio cover come together in perfect harmony such as level, slope, roof transitions, heights and clearances.  Jerry makes sure solidity and safety are observed.

Get Better Patio Covers Houston Results By Following These Ideas

All our patio cover posts are oversized, re-barred and encased in concrete,  all in the ground with some rare exceptions. We bolt all header/post joints, use hurricane straps on all rafter/header joints, and rafter spacers between all rafters for stability. Eagle Patio Covers is the only Houston patio cover builder employing rafter stabilizers to prevent individual rafter sagging. Additionally, Jerry or JC and, most times both are on the job site, except for a run to the supply warehouse. We build all styles of patio covers and stamped concrete floors to please the most discerning homeowner. We serve areas from Cypress to Pearland, from Fulshear to East Houston. Safety and quality in materials and workmanship are Eagle’s priority.  We use materials that are hand-picked from dry storage areas, instead of open, weather-exposed yards, and this is only the beginning of the quality we employ on all of our projects. We carry liability insurance for our customer’s protection and peace of mind.


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